by Cotton Ships

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released July 12, 2016

All songs written and performed by Cotton Ships.
Cotton Ships is:

Elliot Lowell - Drums
Evan Ho - Guitar
Kaiya Crawford - Vocals
Kenny Chesler - Guitar, Vocals
Michael Cags - Bass

Additional instrumentation:
Franchesco Canas - Violin
JT Babe - Alto Sax, Tenor Sax
Evan Ho - Tenor Sax
Kenny Chesler - Piano, Synth

Lyrics by Kenny Chesler

Engineered By Kenny Chesler, Evan Ho, & Chris Ho
Produced by Kenny Chesler & Chris Ho(In Town)
Mastered by Kenny Chesler & Chris Ho(In Town)




Cotton Ships Gardena, California

Elliot Evan Kaiya Kenny Michael

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Track Name: So HET
Sifting through the sand
of your outstretched hand
looking for a sign
that there's more this time

Either way I'm lost
I can't bear the cost
It's burnt on my face
stuck on Mt. Mistake
Track Name: Unfold
As I lay
dissecting scenes that don't make sense
I spin a web

Path on path
a chandolier of all I am
watch it collapse

Look what's left (this I know)
shapes and pieces on the floor (scenes and faces)
moving as one

I'm mixed up (this I know)
watching memories unfold (in my head)
over and over

as I lay
dissecting scenes that don't make sense
Track Name: Lauren
You sit on a hill in
the center of a scene

wait up, I call softly
you don't seem to hear

I walk up heart in hand
you won't seem to see

"I'm here, I'm your anchor"
you just fade to green

I'm waiting
I'm wating
Track Name: Kirkland
I need to move
I need a moment
cause i can't talk to you

You're losing me
what's the use?

Always othering
those around you
where do you get off?
Track Name: Pinned
Walking through a
wave of clear mud
a familiar sensation that bleeds
through your bones. You melt to
the breeze

Moments, pathways,
connect the days
I've been sitting at the window so long
staring blankly at faces on their way

Gone for a while until you seize
making up patterns to the scene
man, there's no time just let it be
but I've been staring for so long
Track Name: In Town
Stuck inside a ship that goes nowhere
Floating on the thoughts that grip the air
Slipping on the steps that lead me out
a shallow depth of field keeps me in town

looking down into a swirling sauce
made of second chances turning off
can I muster movement in these arms
to push away the past I'm holding on to
Track Name: Seeds
We stand in the
blue garden
A gallery
of moments

I plant my seeds
While knowing
The will is split
to grow them

I'm stuck on this
the question
to run the risk
to wreck it

My hands can't hold
the weight of
losing you
your moments

We bend
We break

So I
Hold on
When things
seem steady